About Aphrodite


Natural Medicine continues to fascinate and inspire me the further involved I become in practice and study. I find it to be a truly humbling yet rewarding experience to be able to work closely with clients and be able to be a part of their journey towards greater health. This is what motivates me to continuous study and investigation, the ability to assist humanity in a way that guides us back to harmony, balance and the natural order of life.

As a child, I quickly realised that an absence of symptoms did not necessarily make me feel any better or address my emotional wellbeing that may have contributed to my state of health. I also noticed a deeper inner calling to serve people and contribute to making a difference in their lives. My studies in natural health commenced in 2006 with Homeopathy learning from some of the most highly experienced Homeopathic teachers in Adelaide. Coinciding with the start of my young family, I could incorporate holistic health in our lives and observed how beautifully homeopathy works with children with emotional and physical symptoms. Eventually I commenced Naturopathy at Endeavour College, which is truly holistic by incorporating several modalities, and combines scientific evidence with traditional medicine. My studies there continue with my fascination of the ancient philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I am passionate about all aspects of natural and holistic health and lifestyle. In particular, to make natural health easily accessible and available for all to be a part of daily life & health management. This is especially for children in their early foundations of establishing strong constitutional health that will support them throughout their lifespan.

When not immersed in study or consults, I am frolicking in my herb and vegetable garden or walking through the local beaches with my beautiful inspiring children.

ATMS member

I am a member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society and committed to ongoing learning and development, with the latest scientific research as well as furthering my knowledge in traditional medicine.

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