Bookings & Fees


Let’s make a time together.

To get in touch, please phone or text on 0490 409 526 to make an appointment or discuss how I may support you with your health.

You may also contact me on or visit the contact me page to send a message.

A new client intake health assessment form with then be emailed to you to fill and return.
This will assist me in attaining an overview of all your relevant health information and maximise the appointment time together.

I look forward to guiding and supporting you on your health journey – and providing you with the optimal health care you truly deserve.


Initial consultation90 minutes – $150

In the initial visit and will be for 90 minutes. We cover your current state of health, previous health history and review past and current pathology testing.

I will use traditional methods of examination such as tongue analysis, examining your wrist pulse and observing your iris with iridology; as well as modern methods including Blood Pressure and observing your blood in real time, with Live Blood and Coagulated Blood microscopy.

Together we will discuss your health goals and prioritise what to begin with.

This consult is conducted in a way to attain a holistic picture of you and your health, so that an individualised treatment plan can be formulated for you.

Further appointments depend on your health concerns and additional appointments may be required over a number of weeks or months. This can be discussed at your initial appointment time.

Children’s Initial Naturopathic Consultation – 60 minutes – $110

This is an initial appointment for children under 17 years of age, and will be for 60 minutes. Depending on the age and with parental consent, blood microscopy may be used to attain further information regarding the state of health. We will work together with the parents or caregivers and the child, to determine an appropriate method of treatment that is suitable for you and your child. After this appointment, you are welcome to bring your child in for any minor coughs or colds or short-term health issues that may arise. See acute appointments below.

First Follow Up Naturopathic Consultation – 60 mins – $120

This consultation follows the first, initial consultation and is designed to discuss your progress and provide further consolidation of your treatment. In this session there will be a further in-depth review of your treatment plan, including the lifestyle and nutritional recommendations as well as the prescribed herbal medicine. This is also an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have regarding your treatment plan.

Return Naturopathic Consultation – 45 minutes – $90

This 45 minute appointment is recommended when you are going well on your treatment plan and some changes and alterations in your progress require for some minor changes to the recommended treatment. In this appointment your blood will still be examined under a microscope with blood microscopy to check your progress and any biochemical and physiological improvements.

Short Return Naturopathic Consultation  – 30 minutes – $60

A shorter appointment time may be recommended when you are progressing well with treatment and used to determine a continuation of the current script or whether some minor changes may be required.

Acute Naturopathic Consultation – 25 mins – $50

Acute consultations are for existing clients, that may have a sudden, short health issue arise, such as a cough or cold. It is a short appointment time to cover the main symptoms as well as examine blood under the microscope for further investigation into the symptoms.

Dispensary Costs

Costs from the dispensary are prescribed herbs, supplements, homeopathic medicine, and other remedies, are in addition to the consultation fee.

If costs are a concern, please discuss this with me so we can work together to keep them to a minimum.