The Naturopathic way of medicine recognises the innate, self-organising healing processes in Nature and all living things which establishes health, and also maintains and restores health.
My role as a Naturopath is to support, enable and enhance this process by identifying and harmonising the causes of imbalance and cultivate health and balance. Symptoms are your body’s way of communicating with you, alerting you to where attention and nurturing is required. Symptoms can be biochemical, structural, emotional, or physical signs of where the imbalances lie.
The principles of naturopathic medicine outline and define the very core of naturopathic theory and practice.
Naturopathic medicine views the most natural, least invasive, and non-toxic therapy as a priority. This includes referring patients to the best care when it’s outside our scope of practice.
Naturopathy takes into account the persons physical body, their state of mind and emotions, as well as their external exposure, like their environment, family and relationships – placing the person at the centre – not a disease or disorder. This is called a holistic approach.
Health is restored by honouring the body’s innate intelligence, and providing patients with the knowledge and tools to maintain lifelong wellness.
Naturopathic medicine uses ancient principles that celebrate the healing power of nature – and utilises modern medical research, to cultivate the best possible care.
As a Naturopath, the best and most rewarding part is witnessing clients discover their beautiful authentic self, radiate with peace and health, and to live their best, joyful, and most abundant life. So, to not only improve their health, but to thrive.